Fire Risk Assessment for Chiltern Retreat Rural Camping

C/O The Connell Partnership, Parmoor Park Farm, Frieth, Henley on Thames, Oxon, RG96NL

Chiltern Retreat is a public campsite with toilets, washing up sinks, shower facilities and open fires that are used by members of the public as a base for holidays. The campsite is based in Lane End and Frieth village spread across 4 fields on the farm and also on the border of Moor End Woodland.

Chiltern Retreat Rural Camping owners seek to reduce the risk by providing their own site-specific fire risk assessment that can encourage members of the public to reduce these risks. We provide the template below as a guide, and expect that each guest will assess their own risk accordingly and not use this as their sole assessment for their specific needs.

HazardControl Measures Required:Explanatory Notes on Hazard:
Burns– BurnShield, Cling Film, Burn Dressing, Eye Wash all in the main facilities block along with first aid kit.
– No rubbish is to be put on the fire.
– No accelerants are to be put on the fire.
– Ensure all cooking equipment, i.e. BBQ or gas gob, is stable and away from flammable materials.
– Make sure all children are aware of the fire pit so they can avoid walking in it, in case it is not lit but still hot.
– Flames can cause varying degrees of burns and death in serious cases to anyone that is in the vicinity of a fire.
– Fires getting out of control can cause damage to the areas and property near to the fire; including but not limited to habitats, camping equipment and vehicles.
Spread of Fire in Hot weather– Bucket of Sand/Water next to the fire pits.
– Fire extinguishers are signposted for identification purposes and can be found in communal areas throughout the campsite.
– Weather will be monitored and a decision will be made whether it is safe to light fires. If it is extremely dry the risk of fire getting out of control increases.
– Clear funnel above fire pits.
– Only us firelighters to start a fire or foraged kindling
– Maps show where the fire assembly points are in Broadfield and Hayles Field
– Summer weather when the ground is dry and the days are hot, fire can spread rapidly throughout woodland and grassland.
Spread of Fire in Windy weather– Do not try and light a fire in windy weather as this can lead to sparks which can spread– Sparks can result in the rapid spread of fire across fields and woodland.
Gas bottles to supply
– Gas canisters are contained in a large solid metal cage so that campers cannot tamper with the bottles supply.– Gas is used for heating water used by facilities.
Emergency Services

– The campsite management
and first aiders can be
contacted via phone on
07738266923 // 07833917822

– Local Doctor
High Wycombe hospital, Minor
Injury and Illness unit.
01494 52661

– Emergency: Call 999 state your
location according to your location on your booking confirmation email so they can find you on site

– Nearest A & E Departments:
• Stoke Manderville,
• Royal Berks, Reading
• John Radcliffe, Oxford
• Wexham Park, Slough

– If there is a suspected gas leak, damage to pipework or installation or any other gas emergency please call campsite management or you can contact Flogas 24/7 in extreme cases on 03457 200 100

– In the event of an
emergency we provide
contact details for
campers to use
depending on the
urgency or severity of
the situation.
Awareness of location on
site for emergency
services to find
– Please ensure groups are aware of their location address across site in the event of an
emergency so they can be found quickly and accurately.
– Chiltern Retreat
Woodland, Moor End,
Frieth Road, RG96PS
*(Opposite Moor End
cottages Layby)*
– Broadfield – uses the
woodland entrance and
– Parmoor Park Field,
Parmoor Lane, Frieth,
Henley on Thames,
Oxon, RG96NN *(By
village cricket pavilion
and opposite St
– Lower Court Farm, Marlow Road, Lane End, HP14 3JP
– Our campsite has 4
location across site for
which campers can be
– All areas have
individual addresses
and postcode to help
find them.

You must identify other risks, which are associated with your own planned activities and the age groups that you cater for. Chiltern Retreat Rural Camping will not be held responsible for any injury or death that results from the lack of additional risk assessment material and/or lack of supervision of your own groups safety.


BY: Isobel Connell